Meditation workshop at the Mind Cafe update


We will be having a summer recess at the Mind Cafe both for the meditation workshop on Sundays and the Monday G.Y.M. sessions from now until early September. Watch out for the new timetable. We hope to run more sessions by including a Thursday G.Y.M. (Guard Your Mind) session similar to our Monday sessions.


In the coming weeks we will feature excerpts from our past and recent meditation sessions like the one below:



"........I was then given a scripture, Philippians 4:6-8 which is a scripture I refer to often when tempted to worry about things, but the way I was instructed to use it and mediate on it was totally new. Cornelius pointed out that in the scripture God is asking us to follow a series of practical steps. My next exercise was to ask God, as the scripture stated, to pray to him about all that was upsetting me and causing me to be anxious. I wrote down on a piece of paper what I wanted God to do in helping me in my situation and then I thanked him for answering my prayer.


Next, I was to create a piece of art work and continue to mediate on the next part of the scripture inviting the Holy Spirit to bring the peace of God to both my mind and heart. I was given an image of geese in a river, a small selection of acrylic paints. Cornelius chose the colours which were 2 shades of blue, white, 2 shades of green and brown, water colour paper and a handful of cut up cards to paint with.


I was left to paint quietly. By the time I had reached the painting stage I was already feeling so much better and able to think and focus more on what I was doing rather than on the negative energy I came with. I did find the painting a little challenging at first but with some guidance and encouragement from Cornelius I produced a very lovely painting which I was really happy with. It reflected peace and a calmness.


It was amazing to see how different I felt after doing the workshop. The tension from my head was gone and my body was no longer agitated, the anger left and the tears dried away. I felt brand new, things had changed completely"

"Don't worry" based on Philippians 4: 6-7 by M.R.

"Don't worry" based on Philippians 4: 6-7 by M.R.