Cornelius Browne's Art for the Soul
"Shame" Acrylic on Canvas by Cornelius Browne

"Shame" Acrylic on Canvas by Cornelius Browne


The ability of the creative process to heal, empower and transform our  daily lives is massively ignored by many.

These incredible qualities are not lost on Cornelius who has spent the best of the last 50 years exploring and enabling others to harness them.

In fact, he believes "you can draw yourself happy"


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Located at East Side Office, King Cross Station where he facilitates psycho-educational workshops and creative art healing sessions in partnership with his wife, a consultant psychiatrist and other professionals. 


Art For the Soul

provides a comprehensive art and design service. From wall interiors to wellbeing art workshops and various training programmes that employ new developments in neuroscience to equip our audience. For further details please drop us a line.




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